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Practice makes Practical

So, I knit.  This is hardly a newsflash.  I’ve crocheted since I was a pre-teen, and I taught myself to knit maybe 10 years ago?  Well, I watched some You-Tube videos and figured out the rest Anyway, I consider myself … Continue reading

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Gettin Cozy

So, as stated in a preivous entry, i’m currently on a Crochet kick.  My crafting tends to run in trends–so this won’t last forever.  In fact im already working on my next trend, so i know this is the end … Continue reading

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Mon Ami(gurumi)!

I’ve been crocheting since i was a teen.  A pre-teen really.  Growin up in the midwest, one needed “hobbies” to keep from going insane in the winter, and from driving your mother nuts with adolescent requests due to “boredom”.  So … Continue reading

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