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P52 week 20: Mothers

As I am the only mother in this house, and had no desire to take a picture of myself, i had to get creative this week.  I was stumped until this morning, when i remembered Babs.  She is this HUGE … Continue reading

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P52 week 17: Green

  Our own “green monster” flanking our staircase…

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P52: Week 14–Foolin’ Around

This was a bit of an exciting week for us.  We had to have a beehive removed from our house.  Not as scary for us as one might imagine–i was actually kinda sad they had to go because i appreciate … Continue reading

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P52 week 13: Details

Every day I plug along with a few stitches or a bunch.  Inch by inch. This is called “echo quilting” as I am echoing the line of the applique.  Once I am done with that, I will quilt inside the … Continue reading

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P52 week 12: HUNGER

While it’s hardly the Arena–I think Manny would beat Katniss to this bowl of goodness…

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P52 Week 11: The Eyes of March

So, i cheated a lil on this one.  I actually took this last week because i had my weeks all messed up.  But i took it with the intent of this theme, so imma post it.

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P52 week 9: A Great Leap

So, Disneyland was having this fun promotion this week–they were open for 24 hours on Leap day.  So after Benji got off the bus, we hopped in the car and drove down to join in on the fun.  It was, … Continue reading

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