Planner mania

So i’ve jumped on the planner bandwagon.

may 29

Mags always feels the yarn though

As always i am looking for something i can do in little bursts of time.  Studio time is designated primarily for sewing and quilting, but up here in the house, i’m always looking for something to keep my hands busy, when baby permits.  Knitting and crochet generally take up most upstairs crafting time, but i don’t always feel the yarn, ya know?

And i’ll admit, the addition of baby #2 into the mix  (and subsequent mommy brain)and the boy with school and activities, I feel like my world is spiraling OUT OF CONTROL.  It’s not really.  I mean, what, i forgot to vacuum today?  Quelle horreur!  We’re eating leftovers for dinner?  someone call CPS!

But whether or not it is actually spiraling out of control, i FEEL like it is.  A great way to feel like i’ve got at least a finger grasp on the every growing cliffs of anxiety (next to guilt valley) is to keep a planner.

9780738726915Now, my mom gets me this planner every year.  and i love the information inside.  All sort of witchy information to keep this kitchen witch in the know.  but it’s a bit… well…

plain.  With not enough space for my creative ramblings and lists.

You know what makes me happy?  i mean that soothing velvet hug around my heart of contentment?  COLOR and CHAOS.

I know.  I KNOW.  a veritable ball of contradiction am I.  I do not want to live in chaos and clutter, but i LOVE to look at it–when it’s purposeful anyway.  I get no joy in watching Hoarders.  Really.

It all began with a buzzfeed article about planner people to follow on Instagram and i was all–HOW CUTE IS THIS SHIT?  And to anyone who knows me, well, that’s the siren call of a new hobby.

But luckily for me it wasn’t new PER SE.  I mean, i’m sitting on a gold mine of scrapbook stickers and rubber stamps.  And i love to use my planner. All i needed to purchase was washi tape–SUCH a hardship, let me tell you.

And it isn’t as if i were going to plan out theme specific pages with color palettes and coordinating stickers. I mean, there are people who do that.  And they have lovely planners.  And they apparently make a lot of jello molds and cart their kids about to various sports activities, and isn’t that nice for all of them.

SOOOO not what i had planned.

IMG_6297this is my planner habit:

  • go through and mark important dates and appts
  • lay down washi tape for menu planning and other stuff
  • Every day add random stickers, stamps, list tags, post its and quotes–whatever i’m feeling for 5-10 minutes.

Really.  That’s all i do.  Some might look at my planner, grimace and say, “well, that’s what it looks like”  and then they’d go make a tasty casserole.  And i don’t care.  This kind of nonsense makes me happy.  like seriously happy.  And that is in short supply for this depressed mama.

IMG_6299(i’ve always struggled with depression. breastfeeding keeps me from being able to take my meds and post partum hormones don’t always help.  So i look for happy where i can find it, albeit brief or transitory)

IMG_6298SO i thought i would start to share my weekly outlooks.  On each week i’ve added a bullet journal for my daily and weekly tasks.  and this week i discovered the Project Life cards at Joanns, which i just hole punched and added into my spiral for quotes and stuff.

I’m using the big blank(ish) page for a dashboard, and it usually gets filled up by the end of the week.  and as you can see, my bullet list is currently empty.  By the end of the week, most of that blank space will be filled with either reminders of stuff i need to do, or quotes and stickers if i have a particularly slow week.

I love finding a new hobby.  And one for which i already have the supplies?  BRILLIANT.  I’ll be sharing my weekly views on Instagram (DevillerougeDesigns) and here from time to time.  I will no doubt be getting a new planner in the next few months  as the new year aproaches–and i’m actually going to get a different kind for next year, so i’ll be sharing my hacks and craziness to that planner as i come to it.

And as always, i’m still sewing, quilting, knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking, cooking….  Idle hands, y’all.  You know what they can do.


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