Thinking about a Brain Dump

*cough cough*

Bit dusty in here.

So, it’s been a while.  I know someone may be thinking–now why don’t she write?  Well, honestly, I just haven’t felt it.  I mean, everyone and their mother has a blog now, right?  And they’re all competing for page views and ad sense and trying to be fucking relevant.  And here I am having a cookie and NO ONE is reading this.  Oh, there’s like someone in Croatia or Slovenia reading this–but honestly, they’re just looking for pictures or something right?

But I woke up this morning–this morning of Mercury Retrograde and I felt all write-y and shit.  Not that I have anything really relevant or timely to say that hasn’t already been said by every SAHM blogger trying to feel like she fucking matters in the great scheme of things, even though we all of us are pretty small and insignificant. But occasionally we have some good advice or we made a tasty hot dish or we’ve got a joke.

Oh, I curse a lot. Did I mention that? Because I fucking do.

So, I may start writing here from time to time.  About more than crafts.  Maybe.  I haven’t decided, really.  I just wanted to dust off this blog and see if I kept being interested in a few days.

So… *shrugs shoulders*

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