Getting Back in the Swing of Things

So, my amazing bestie got me a FABULOUS gift for Xmas–a new embroidery machine!  My old Brother was out of commission since I took it into the shop and it was never returned.54737_10151190433806859_1470794036_o Long story short I gave them my machine to fix and they never called, and when I finally called to say, hey, where’s my machine, they told me I took too long to call them and it was gone.

And then they got yelped.

Anywho, it’s taken me a couple months to get used to this machine, the Brother PE770.  It has a larger 5×7 field so I can embroider bigger stuff, and it’s got a much easier file transfer system since it used a USB stick.  I just haul my laptop down to my studio and I can work with Embird or just my massive amount of embroidery files, put it on the USB and stick it in the machine.  The is a DEFINITE perk as I no longer have to work with the clumsy cards.

44736_10151221680066859_733380896_n I’ve stitched out some stockings, and a few custom order inhaler pouches and some teacher gifts for the end of the year.  And a few baby onesies.  In fact it was the baby onesies that made me KEENLY aware of the tension465926_10151479711006859_1351292858_o issues, and changed the way I approached all embroidery projects.  I SWORE my machine was broken.  Until I tested a burp that stitched out perfect and I knew it was user error and not the machine.IMG_20130408_101814

Because that’s the thing.  This machine is FUSSY.  FU. SSY.  It’s taken me quite a while to get used to this machine, and I’m still figuring out its perks.

The main issue is tension.  My old 4×4 machine was just a workhorse and I could just plop anything in the hoop and away it worked.  But this one… I gotta test, I gotta adjust, and then I gotta test again.  I finally just had to change my mindset and realize that every new project is a new tension setting, and that it may not work.  I started keeping a notebook on my computer with notes for each project so that I can remember what worked and what didn’t.

20130606_110410 But I am happy to say that everything seems to be working well AT THE MOMENT.  I had to test an adorable design from Urban Threads because a client wanted it on a tote bag.    I will say, the benefit of testing is that, if it works, you have something with a cute design on it!  (meet my new knitting bag!)

20130630_121756 Today I stitched it out without a hitch.  The bag is a heavy canvas bag purchased from Jones T-Shirts and I used a simple craft felt for the otters, with Metro embroidery thread.  The wording on here was a custom order, with a back story here.  Turns out the recipient LOVED it, which makes me happy as well.

While the past couple of designs have been successful, I will admit using the machine still makes me jumpy. I keep waiting for SOMETHING to happen.  Which, if you think about it, is a little silly.  I mean, if it chews something up, I just start over again, right?  See?  It’s about changing the mindset.  And possibly the bobbins.  No really.  I just ordered some prewound ones from Amazon which supposedly END ALL THE PROBLEMS.  But I ain’t holdin my breath.

I am determined, however to embrace my new crafting motto: 577685_10151473874121859_178196059_n

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