Waste Not…

Ages ago, I got into quilting.  What actually happened is that I got kicked out of school because of eejitry and ignorance and was forced to take a year off.  In that time I was working and whatnot, but I had some more time on my hands than usual, not to mention some bone-crushing depression, so I picked up a new hobby.  I had the brains to bring my Sewing machine up to Humboldt with me, so I had machine, material and mad skills.  Ok, maybe not the skills, but that’s when I started.


Quilt Numero Uno.

I made a sampler quilt to try some skills, and a Little Red Schoolhouse quilt.  Both using scraps.  All scraps–since I didn’t really have any funds to buy more material at the time.  and I made it work. And I quilted them both both by hand, because I knew no other way.  Long, LONG hours quilting and contemplating and realizing the direction I need my life to move toward. A Lot of love and energy went into those quilts, and I loved them.  I loved them hard.


these schoolhouses ROCKED! oh, i miss you puffy quilt!

Oddly enough, I don’t have either of them anymore.  I have NO IDEA what happened to that first one, and the second one got left at the hospital where I delivered Benji.  Losing that second one was a heartbreak, but I know some family somewhere is benefiting, so I don’t mind.

IMG_20120306_101631 Anywhoozles, I started piecing quilt tops again a few years ago, honing the skills, learning a few new things, and using up those scraps.  Because here’s the thing–I LOVE using up the scraps.


these worried me…

now, some of those most stunning quilts I have seen have been made with particular color schemes and bundles and amazing stuff.  And I’ve even purchased material to perhaps match or contrast a particularly large set of scraps I might have.  But the quilt top I just finished?  ALL SCRAPS.

There is something of the thrifty pioneer in me, I suppose.  I have a quilt my great grandmother made–also scrappy, because that’s how one made quilts back then.  and it is well loved.  I just love the idea that we (quilters) can take all these pickety bits and make something that will warm someone on a cold night.  And comfort them.  With very little waste.  It SINGS to my frugal soul.

I followed along with a Debbie Mumm Block of the month quilt because, while I am not a Mumm material fan, I really liked the blocks and look of this quilt.  And as I had a rather extravagant amount of blue and green scraps, I thought it would be a perfect choice.

And oddly enough, it really was.  The thing about BOMs (block of the month) is that when you do it scrappy, they don’t always work.  And I was pretty unsure of this one.  the small border blocks really weren’t reading well in my eye, and I thought, this is just going to be a muddy mess of color.

IMG_4696but it turned out that parts of it really popped.  and it has the folky feel that I like, without the “country” look that I don’t.  It reminds me of Northern CA, where I learned to quilt, with the tree and salmon blocks.  And I may hand quilt it just because it reminds me of those two quilts that I learned on–both piecing and quilting.

It’s very soothing to have a finished quilt top ready to quilt.  I’m looking forward to snuggling under this next winter…

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One Response to Waste Not…

  1. Great story, thanks for sharing and I love that your quilts are genuinely scrappy.

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