Over The Shoulder Penguin Holder?

So, I’m a gal with natural gifts…endowed with certain ATTRIBUTES, if you will.  I come from German peasant stock, and I can fill out a Dirndl with the best of them (and heft a pint or two, I might add

And childbirth did not…DIMINISH these attributes.  QUITE THE OPPOSITE.

(well, that and the weight gain, but, as Forrest says, “That’s all I have to say about THAT”)

Anywhatsers, finding a bra that legitimately FIT has never really happened for me.  Oh, there was a time pre-childbirth when I was able to find a good fitting bra from a very pink store filled with skinny bitches, because it turned out my size was actually a popular implant size, and living in LA, they always had my size.

But that’s when I was a DD.


Anyway, I haven’t had a good fitting bra for over 6 years now, so I finally put my SKEELS to work.  I had read an article in Threads about bra making, did some lookin around and decided to make one for myself.

I chose the Bravo Bella pattern #2, which included my supposed size. There are A LOT of cute bra patterns out there, but being big-bosomed still has its fashion (and engineering) limitations.

Anyway, I made the first incarnation of this bra with a kit I purchased from the website and based on their measurements.  It was white and plain and still really didn’t fit.

See, even as heavy as I am, my torso is narrow.  So even though my measurements claimed I should be a 42, really, I’m a 38 (band size)

Cup size, you ask?  Big enough to smuggle a penguin, apparently.

After the first one didn’t really fit, I contacted the owner of Bravo Bella–and she emailed me back answering all my questions and then some.  VERY helpful for a first time bra maker, but long time seamstress.

So, I copied a new pattern, based on our discussion (#2 is a multi-sized pattern) and also made a few minor adjustments. and Voila!

No Opus, this isn’t a cozy hiding place for you and your friend…

Yes, yes, you’re right.  When I fold it up, it DOES make a cozy seat.  but that was not it’s intent I’m afraid…

Anyway, this thing fits like a dream.  I feel all Joanie from Mad Men in this thing, and now feel confident of my true size (not the stupid chart size I’m always looped into) and now have grand plans to make a bikini top among other creations.  *starts digging through my stash*

Wait–Opus!  Get that off your head.  This is NOT a frat party!

If you are a full figured gal with some sewing skeels, I cannot endorse the pattern enough.  Having a good fitting bra is a game changer, folks.

and if it’s big enough, apparently it makes a good swing as well…

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4 Responses to Over The Shoulder Penguin Holder?

  1. I WISH I had sewing skills. I’ll keep paying $80 for a bra I guess… H-cup anyone?

  2. prttynpnk says:

    So many lingerie making posts, but so little penguin use. This is my favorite.

  3. bravobella says:

    I just started blogging and ran in to your post! So glad I could help you and that your bra fit! I hope you’re still supporting the girls (and penguins, too!). Check out my new website and instructional dvds! http://Www.bravobellabras.com and enjoy sewing bras!

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