Too Damn Hot

First–it’s been a while.  Sorry ’bout ‘dat.  I was all gung ho, woo hoo, let’s CRAFT muthafuckas, and then…nuthin.  Not only have I been in a slump here, I’ve been in a slump studio-wise as well.  I’ve gotten a few things done here and there, but frankly, as Cole Porter phrased…

And while my studio is generally 10 degrees cooler than the outside temp, that makes it 90 instead of 100.  Difficult to create in melty heat like that. I did create a thing or two when I had a chance.  Along with the usual quilting culprits, which I will post later, I made this pretty little box:

That pretty red/pink glass in there is the crushed glass from our wedding.  You know–when a Jewish couple gets married, and the guy stomps on it in an old superstitious rite, but still awesomely traditional, and everyone shouts “Mazel Tov!” and then he kisses her?  THAT glass. (although for clarification, the only Jew under that huppah was me.  Oh, and the officiant.  So it wasn’t a Jewish wedding, per se, but it was Jew-“ISH”) I also like to think of it as a symbol: what we’ve done–gettin hitched and all–cannot be “undone.”  That glass cannot be put back together.

The hearth is the center of the home, and the perfect place for our wedding memorabilia.

I’ve been sitting on this for 6 years now, wanting to do SOMETHING cute.  But during this heat wave,  I’ve also been transforming the fireplace/mantel area with some candlescaping and putting our wedding stuff over here, I thought NOW is the time.  It is certainly a work in progress, but it’s nice to center everything over here.  And when I actually light the candles at night, it’s very pretty.

when the candles are lit. This part is still a work in progress, but it’s still purty!

I got a cheapy shadowbox from Michael’s, painted and decoupaged–although I MUST learn to paint first and THEN decoupage. I get so excited about a project, I don’t always think it through.  In a sense, I scrapped the back panel with a picture from the wedding, an insert from our invitation, and some pretty stuff, with a layer of mod podge over it to protect, added the shattered glass and closed it up.

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  1. Mom says:

    That Ann Miller should could dance.

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