P52 week 20: Mothers

project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge my3boybarians.comAs I am the only mother in this house, and had no desire to take a picture of myself, i had to get creative this week.  I was stumped until this morning, when i remembered Babs.  She is this HUGE spider next to our second floor door that is the second generation of spider in that spot.  My husband is more an expert on Babs and her family, as that light is the doorway to his man-cave, but I keep an eye on her from time to time.

I should state now that i have a healthy respect for spiders.  And since our house seems to be the Club Med destination for spiders, they’ve kinda forced my hand here.  They keep the flying bug population down, and me and my paper thin skin and delicious blood appreciate that.  As long as they stay out of my bedroom, they are allowed to live.

I took this picture AGES ago–this is how she hangs out at night:

but this one i took this morning.  She was not ready for her close-up, but I thought the details on her body were still pretty nifty…

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