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P52 week 21: Favorites

You don’t have to tell me.  I know.  It’s so bad for you.  Fats, dyes, fakey-fake faker stuff.  I. KNOW. But it is so. damn. good. I don’t eat it anymore–except for the occasional spoonful when i make it for … Continue reading

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P52 week 20: Mothers

As I am the only mother in this house, and had no desire to take a picture of myself, i had to get creative this week.  I was stumped until this morning, when i remembered Babs.  She is this HUGE … Continue reading

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P52 week 19: Still Life

Still the mind.  Become an open vessel.  Allow spirit to guide.  So mote it be.

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P52 week 18: Fiesta or Siesta

I don’t know what this dog does all day–but a lot of it looks like this. These blankets had JUST come out of the dryer, btw.  Who could resist?

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