Sew What Mondays

This week had a quilting theme.

yup. that's all needle turn applique, folks.

I finally finished the applique on the Hawaiian quilt block i’ve been working on (well, off and on) for a few months now.

I basted it down and brought it back up here to work on for the next month or so to hand quilt it.

pinned down and on hold.

But then that got me in the mood, and i went ahead and cut out a sweet Honu pattern my bestie got me last time she went home to Hawai’i.  It’s called Honu Kahakai or beached sea turtle.  I was originally going to do it in two colors–but my blue and green really weren’t reading well together.  The reason i wanted to do this one was because of a memory i have of a Scuba dive my husband and i had on the Great Barrier Reef where we found ourselves in the middle of a school of yellow tailed fusiliers and a turtle just kickin it on a rock.  And when i thought back to that memory, i remember that color below water is really muted and monotone.  So i decided to simply use the teal batik for this one.  It took me a day, but i pin basted it (this one is bigger(40×40) than the blocks/wall hangings i’ve done previously) and once i’m done with quilting the spiderlily, i can move on to hand basting this one down and starting the applique process.

Of course–this put me in a quilting mood, so i decided to go ahead and quilt all the mini quilts i had finished a few weeks ago for the Simply2M Celtic Quilt series from 2011.  ALWAYS good practice for my machine quilting.  But i also tried something new–an actual quilting pattern OTHER than echo or stipple or in-the-ditch.  I attempted a braid on the large Three-fold-goddess symbol, and i think it worked out quite well for my first attempt. I marked one side, but from there (once i figured out the quilting rhythm) i did the other three sides freestyle.  Even wonky, it still looks pretty kick-ass in my book.  Now i’m excited to try some other designs!  But, i need to catch up on my 2012 BOMs first…

the quilted mini quilts:

this and the next two are the early ones i quilted last year...

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1 Response to Sew What Mondays

  1. I’m loving the Honu! Can’t wait to see the finished product. 😀 I need to get on hanging the one you made me. Soon!

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