Sew What Mondays

I had a fairly productive sewing week!

I finished some quilt blocks that I posted on my FB page, but I also finished some non-quilting items!

The first is this cute tote–the Rosetta Ruffle bag (I made the small one) that I purchased from You Can Make This.  I’ve seen this purse around for a while–its a favorite among embroiderers, and I picked it up on sale a while back.

I used some cute rockabilly cherry material for the ruffles and a red cotton bottomweight for the bag.  I only had peltex for the interfacing–which I had to cut away in some spots to get it to lay down correctly.  There are definitely things I will do differently with the next one–I don’t like how the ruffles are attached, and i DEFINITELY will not use peltex–but it’s still a pretty cute lil bag.  I’ve got a cute tropical green seersucker that would look cute as a ruffle on a larger bag, I think.

bag interior

I wasn’t able to embroider this–or anything for a while–because my machine died.  Not only died–but there was a great deal of drama with the repair shop that never contacted me and then claimed I “abandoned” the machine because I thought I would be crazy and just let them work on it (since they always take forever) and not nag them daily about my machine.  I decided to sic my husband on them, who will–after a number of terse phone calls–will be picking up the machine later this week so that I can take it to a different repairman to see if it is indeed dead.  It prolly is–I’ve had it a while and they don’t even make it anymore, and it’s prolly time to move on to a newer machine, but that will have to wait until  a more prudent economic period.

I also finished a lil vest for my lil man.  I was thinking I wanted to make him a lil sumsum for st. patty’s (since I can’t embroider a tee for him like I usually do) and I thought a cute lil vest would be perfect.  I love to dress him in a nerdy-chic look.  I had this cute turtle material I got at a quilt show a while back that was the perfect candidate for a reversible vest.  And he rocks the look well, don’t you think?

I’ve taken to making post-it lists that I place in my calendar where I list the myriad things I want to make and it’s really helped me stay on task.  This way, when I think “oh yeah, I wanted to make such-and-such!” I jot it down in there and I am reminded when I check my calendar!  and when the week’s over, I just move the post-it to the following week.

this in no way means i plan to get ALL that done within a week. Just a couple. Maybe.

Moving on to some new quilt blocks this week, and hopefully some underwear for the lil man.  We’ll see what the week brings!

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1 Response to Sew What Mondays

  1. funthreads says:

    He’ll definitely make everyone jealous rock’n that look! Too adorable.

    Love the ruffle tote bag. So spring like.

    Yup, I’m a post-it addict too. Love those little things:)

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