Sew What Mondays

Last week marked the END of my 2011 BOM blocks.  I finally finished piecing all the blocks from 2011–and am now ready to move on to 2012 and the three BOMs I plan to follow. (yes, I AM a glutton for punishment)

The blocks I finished last week were part of Simply 2M’s Celtic mini quilts series.  These are actually mini quilts to be bound and placed on my altar to help mark the months and seasons on the pagan calendar.  I’ve already got a few finished (here and here and here) but last week I finally finished piecing the rest.

"blue moon" for the summer and recognizing the power of the moon

August and the first harvest

Mabon and celebration of the harvest

This one I did differently from the original block, because i couldn't get my bias tape to behave. This is the three-fold existance of the Goddess: Maiden, Mother and Crone. I made it larger to get the full effect and plan to echo quilt it.



Now I’ve just got to get on that quilting!  These are great because not only am I creating for my altar, with each stitch a blessing and sacred practice, but I also get to hone my machine quilting skills.  As a devotee of Frigga–Norse goddess of the hearth and home–this is an ideal project to help me focus my thought and intention not only toward the divine, but also to beautify and provide for my home.  Blessed Be!

[Update]–i was able to quilt the Eostara mini quilt this weekend too!  It is already up on my altar like a fresh spring breeze!

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5 Responses to Sew What Mondays

  1. funthreads says:

    Love the egg mini quilt. The colors just scream spring.

  2. LOVE (of course)! Especially the blue moon and Eostara. There’s just something about eggs.

  3. Wow!! These are amazing!! **heart heart heart heart heart**!!

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