Under Cover!

So the other day, after i lugged out my extremely heavy food processor out from the cupboard, i decided that it was time to let it live on the counter.  It was a great gift from my bestie a while back, and it’s purty with a chrome finish, etc.  And i set it up on the counter i don’t use as much next to my kitchenaid mixer, the food sealer and the can opener.  A utilitarian counter space, if you will.

I know some of you will feel me–you use the food processor and you think, “i should use this more often!” Then you put it away and forget about it until some recipe calls for something you don’t feel like chopping, and you lug it out again, thinking “I should use this more often!”

I also hate lugging this thing around because it is so heavy.  Seriously–you could kill a puma with this thing.


That counter is the one next to the stovetop.  How shiny will that chrome finish last, i ask you?  And the other counter has the window “view”, so i like to keep it clear to make the kitchen feel bigger.

Time to make covers.  I already had a cover on the mixer–but i hated it because i made it out of extra stupid material i had on hand a few years ago.  So why not make a new set?  Cover the FP, Mixer and Can opener with fun materials and keep them clean from my mad scientist kitchen experiments.

(and before you ask, i didn’t want to cover the sealer.  For some reason i feel if i cover that one, I will forget it.  Go figure)

well, that's certainly one way to decorate a kitchen.

So, using Simplicity 4341, I fashioned a few covers with some leftover and bought Dia De Los Muertos material i had.

This pattern also gave me a chance to practice my stippling–a quilting skill that only gets better the more you do it.  By the third piece, i was feeling pretty good.

can opener

I had to draw my own patterns for the can opener and food processor as the dimensions needed didn’t match the pattern.  Not tough though. Just made things wider or thinner, taller or shorter and just had to make sure the center piece was long enough to cover the curve.

Food Processor

And, as always happens with designs like this–i made the first one wrong.  we are so trained to put right sides together, that when i made the FP cover, i didn’t do it right, and it has no contrasting binding tape.  Still looks good though.

And i will say, doing this project made me yearn for a binding foot.  I tried to go slowly (HAH!) and stopped every few inches to adjust and make it lay down–but my binding never looks as pretty as the picture.  Yeah–I could have gone the old, stich one side down, fold over and stitch the other side route–but i didn’t, ok?  Something else i apparently have to practice.

Everything covered...

I do like how the mixer cover really brightens up that corner.  That particular counter is pretty dark to begin with, so it’s nice to have a pop of color over there.  Now–how long before i get annoyed and want the counter clear again…

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1 Response to Under Cover!

  1. Mom says:

    Pretty – I like the one without the bias tape – a cleaner line to me but then that’s just me.

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