Sew What Mondays

After finishing and delivering a large customer order, I was finally able to take some me time in the studio and finish the last two blocks of my Dream Castle Quilts 2011 BOM.

Block #11

The more i think on it, the more i think i will sash these in white (the blocks are different sizes, and i’m not constructing it like the original)  I realize the “blocks” will blend in–but i think it will give the colors and lil patchwork areas a chance to pop on their own–almost like applique.  We’ll see.  (i have no plans to put this top together anytime soon)

block #12

I’ve got two more 2o11 BOM quilt block sets to finish before i can move on the the 2012 BOM iwant to do.  I know, right?  An obvious glutton for punishment.(but when the orders are few and far between, I’ll be glad to have a lil sumsum to work on, no?)Stay tuned–the next set of blocks will be from what i’ve dubbed the World’s Ugliest Quilt!

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3 Responses to Sew What Mondays

  1. funthreads says:

    Oh nooo. I can’t wait to see this all together. You have to keep working on it until it’s done. It’s going to look fabulous.

  2. jsoosay says:

    I love #11. Purple is my favorite color.

  3. Mom says:

    Funny that purple block is the one I was talking about but it sure looked different when you showed it to me in your studio – must have been the lighting – yeah that’s it, it was the lighting 🙂 Either way it will be real pretty when you finish. Can’t wait to see the blocks you make with the material we picked up Saturday.

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