Sew What Mondays

I *almost* finished my squares for my next 2011 BOM quilt to finish–but i had to start up on a customer order today, so it’ll have to wait.

This is from the 2011 Dreamcastle Quilts Betty’s Blue Birds.  I am only doing the 12 squares and make a simple quilt and not the big one she has there.  Honestly–most of these blocks are paper-pieced, and while i appreciate the crispness of paper-piecing, I’m a little tired of it at present and am ready to finish up one of my other set of BOM blocks.

This is a pure scrap quilt for me–i did not buy any material for this.  This is all leftover from the mu’u mu’u order from years ago.  AND i’ve still got enough left over to make ANOTHER BOM quilt this year (once i finish the blocks from last year! *blush*)

I do plan to but material for the sashing–these blocks, because of their design are different sizes, so i plan to simply sash in white with perhaps a patchwork binding from the scraps i have.  Time enough to think about that.

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2 Responses to Sew What Mondays

  1. funthreads says:

    The blocks and colors are stunning. I can’t wait to see it all together. Just a thought…. if you use white for the sashing you may loose some of the block’s impact where white meets white.What about pulling a darker purple from the print?

    • Dawn says:

      I thought of that, but the problem is, the blocks are not all uniform size–so some will have thicker sashing and some thinner, and i thought the white would “hide” that better as the blocks blend together–does that make sense? And, to put a purple directly next to that orange doesn’t work–trust me i have tried. no–let me restate–a purple that would go with both fabrics doesn’t exist. The white tones them down enough that i can use them together in the quilt in the first place.

      The next quilt will only use the purple with a solid, I’m afraid. I’ve already got quilt blocks that used just the orange in the same fashion.

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