You know what’s better than Free? DECOUPAGE!!

So the Old Man and i were returning from some family errand, driving down our windy street when one of our neighbors was putting out some furniture with our favorite sign: FREE.  Among the furniture was a desk–plain and simple, just needing a little love.  He admitted he had just gotten it at a swap meet the day before, for his daughter getting ready for college, but she decided it wasn’t what she wanted.  So he decided to just put it out for the scavangers who troll our street.

[its true.  you put out ANYTHING on this street for bulk pick up or otherwise, and some secret signal goes out and the trucks arrive to pick up whatever nonsense we put out.  I’m sure bulk pick-up thinks we’re just fuckin with them anymore since nothing is ever there when we call for them]

Anywhores, i’ve been eyeing new desks as my Ikea secretary is starting to falter.  and while the desk flap can be fixed with a little elbow grease & wood glue, I am finding the whoel thing a little clausterphobic, and i’ve been wanting to open up my “office corner” for a while now.

And here was the opportunity i was looking for.  Not only was it a nice open desk with lil cubby holes for whatever nonsense i had, but i got the notion to decorate it my own way, and suddenly my creative juices were hoppin!

The pink part is from a free sample my husband sent away for from one of his coupon deals.  The color is called Bold Sangria–and while it did not match the color that was in my head, i decided to use it to my advantage.  I then got some samples from the paint department for @$3 each of the two orange colors–figuring it would be a nice combo with the pink.  Kind of Indian–which i dig.

The rest is tissue paper decoupage.  It is by no means perfect, but i still like the overall affect.

And as you can see, it’s fitting in nicely…

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1 Response to You know what’s better than Free? DECOUPAGE!!

  1. That is gorgeous! Note to self: Learn to decoupage this year.

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