More Bags and Rolls

Continuing my organization of my vanity area, i made a couple cosmetic bags and another brush roll  to contain some of my loose items, and to protect my brushes from dust and whatnot.

The brushroll pattern came from my new favorite sewing site Sew4Home.  The best tutorials and pictures i have seen on a website.  super easy to follow.  Lucky for me, Pinterest finally developed an Android App, so i was able to just take my phone down to my studio and use it instead of printing up the instructions.  The only thing better would have been an iPad or Tablet with a larger screen, but…

The roll was fairly easy.  I didn’t apply any vinyl to the interior fabric (only because i couldn’t find the stuff i had leftover from a older project) but since this thing is also machine washable, I’m not concerned with a lil powder gettin on the material.  I mean, how often do i actually put make-up on anyway…

These two bags were from Sew Like my Mom, also a pinterest find.  Can we take a moment to thank Goddess for whomever thought up Pinterest?  I’ll wait.

The bags came together fairly easily.  The boxed corner bottoms were a little fussy, and the instructions weren’t always super clear (you needed a great deal of intuitive sewing skills on this one) but all in all it created a cute bag.  And you could make it bigger quite easily with just a larger cut.  What i loved was that is was instantly lined without having to create a lining and then hand sew it in when you finish with the outside.

I still want to make some other bags from patterns i found–but i don’t really need anymore at present.  I still have a lot of makeup–but i solved some of my problem by putting open boxes in the drawers that i can take out and root around  on my vanity top.  I prefer it as i can see what i’m looking for more easily instead of rooting around in a dark bag…

I am MONTHS behind on my BOM quilt blocks, so i may spend the next few weeks working on those while i wait for a client to get her baby furniture so i can finish her pretty baby bedding order.

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