Vanity, vanity, all is vanity

So,  @ 6 months ago, for our anniversary the Old Man gifted me with a small table to set up the vanity are i’ve wanted for some time.  Little by little i’ve been adding this bit or that to make it my own space.

See, there are two bathrooms in this house, and I have to share both of them with boys.  gross!  So this little area where i can sit and pretty myself up, (or analyze my wrinkles, more like it) is my little haven.

It started with this:

That little drawer unit on the side was just a leftover plastic thing that I put all my make-up and hair junk into and covered up with a sarong.  Not too sexy, but it did the trick.  The jewelry box on top was, again, functional but not really the easiest to use.

So, upon suggestion (and web link from me) the Old Man got me this new Jewelry armoire to hold all my crap is a prettier, grown-up way.


But here’s the thing I’ve been noticing.  I don’t pretty up more than maybe once a week for date night.  So, while it’s nice to have access to my brushes and pencils, etc, it wasn’t good for them to sit about gathering dust.  Or good for my sinuses.  Or my guilt about dusting.

AND, it turns out I have a CRAPLOAD of make-up.  And rifling around a drawer for the eyeshadow I want is a little annoying.

So I’ve been hatching a plot to make some make-up rolls and bags to contain this crazy collection and be *slightly* more organized.  I decided to start with my brushes and eye pencils since they are sitting out in plain sight the most.

I started with a make-up roll for my brushes, but it didn’t really suit my brushes well–some were still exposed because I didn’t make it quite big enough.  HOWEVER, it IS perfect for my eye pencils and mascara.

I used a remnant i found ages ago–a poly brocade/sari material that i really liked.  I also used some batting to make it quilted and bound it with store-bought binding tape.  easy peasy.

I plan to follow  (sort-of) a pattern I found on Pinterest that is a bit bigger for my brush roll.  And then it’s on to a variety of zippered cosmetic bags to hold my other items.

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