Bibs and reorganizing

Been quiet here lately. Not that i haven’t been busy–because i HAVE. Business picked up exponentially–to the point that i haven’t gotten any spinning done in over a month. *sob* soon. SOON.

First off i had a killer Halloween costume to make: a girly/steampunk Mad Hatter for one of my former students. It was my first time building a corset, which was an awesome, and fairly painful learning process. THe boning was actually failry easy–but the binding, and the pins holding it in place while i sewed inch by unwieldy inch, did much to make my fingers bleed. So this piece not only holds my intentions and expectations and quiet blessings (and curses) it also contains a little of my DNA. (not visible, mind. EVER the professional–if i bleed on something, it will never be where a customer will notice…)

I’m also working on a super secret order that i cannot discuss as it is a plethora of xmas gifts for others. ’nuff said.

My good friend Tara Cunningham just hit me up for some baby bibs recently. Not the usual, cutesy, “awww, isn’t he just a pwecious widdle angel?” kind of bibs. No–she wanted more of a “what does that bib say?” shocked silence that only my embroidery can produce. 😉

The monster and skull are from Urban Threads–a favorite of this embroiderer. Most of the other phrases are my own designs–the daddy in question here is a Star Wars nerd, so, there that is.

Let me just say for the record that i love the irreverent. Especially on baby gear. Does that mean my son had no cutesy stuff? On the contrary! Bears and puppies abounded. But he also had a few, well, snarky/rock-n-roll items as well. The middle path, if you will…

this used to be closed off and full of stuff. Now i can walk back there--and all the stuff on the shelves is my stuff and not baby stuff.

Right now i’m in the process of actually getting rid of all his old stuff and opening up my studio for more space. We’ve been tyring to get preggers for three years now. as Yukon Cornelius would say: “…..NUTHIN!” So instead of sitting on a bunch of gear that i prolly will not be able to use, i’m making more room for the stuff i DO use and letting all (well, 99%) of my gear go to people who need it. This economy is too crappy to be holding on to stuff that others can use. I got a birthday comin’ up too, so it helps to have some fresh perspective in my creative space.  start my new year off with a new outlook, so to speak.  At least without the looming presence of clausterphobia…

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