Stupid Sock Creatures

I found this book ages ago at the library…and after i made my first one, Francis, i was hooked.  Well, hooked may be the wrong word. I make these from time to time when the mood strikes me.

This is Francis. He likes olive loaf and M*A*S*H* reruns

Basically, these are like sock monkeys–they just have a little more “sculpture” to them.  I consider them more like a sock monkey Frankenstein, since i am just putting together pieces.  But they are a lot of fun, and make for interesting conversation pieces.

already sold! woot!

So this was the batch i finished yesterday.  i put them together and stuffed them a while ago, but didn’t sculpt them until yesterday.  Once day I’ll get a picture of me wielding that big dollmaker’s needle.

My favorite. I may name him Sheldon.

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1 Response to Stupid Sock Creatures

  1. monkeysmom1 says:

    You KNOW how much I adore these guys….. Great Job at being an AWESOME Dawnninatorrr

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