Coupon Binder

I’m not sure if i’ve mentioned it here before, but the Old Man and i are couponers.  My husband is really gung-ho about the process, so we’ve got a couple coupon binders for the millions of coupons we have.  (you can get info here about how to start one of these for yourself…)  Now, let me just say, you don’t need to be a crazy shelf-clearing-hoarder like “some” you might see on a particular show.  We have a moderate stockpile, that we could easily live from for a few weeks (if we wanted to eat a lot of cereal and pasta), but that stockpile allows us to eat fresh organic produce every week, and as it grows, i hope to use it to be able to afford organic meats as well.  We don’t use it to stock up on junk food or canned vegetables & soups (although  i will admit to a handful of brownie mixes in there.)  That stockpile also contains all the canning i do in a year as well.  It does NOT, however fill an entire room,  (just my pantry and a closet), or resemble a convenient store in any way.  But i have to admit. it is comforting knowing that in the case of natural disaster, we are really ready.  (it’s also nice when i am tight on the grocery budget for the week–that i can still feed my family well, albeit simply)

Anywhoozers, these beasts (my binders) are hard to handle because they are so full, so when i found this pattern for a cover with handles, i jumped on it.

Since my Old Man is the one who likes to drag along the binders on our shopping trips, i decided to make it more masculine.  That and i thought using Denim & camouflage would make it sturdy enough to carry the weight.  Ideally, i think, this should be made from decorator fabric–unless you want to make a new one every year.  THis would ALSO be a good idea for any of your school girls, because it looks so much like a tote.  And for those of you who do embroidery–machine or no–what a great blank!  I wanted to do some ME on this one–but since it was the first one, and couldn’t be too girly, i passed.  i have a few other binders i use for my household (i’m a little anal about organization, what of it?) for which i might make one of these…

Its also got two inside pockets which would also be a great place for embroidery.

I did make one obvious change to the pattern–the handles originally were set insde a quarter inch seam with some topstitching over it–and i’m sure that would be nice for a small binder.  But i wanted something that wasn’t going to rip out after one or two trips, so i reinforced them on the outside.

I also placed the flaps on the wrong side–although that was my mistake.  And i had to adjust the spine width after i first completed it because it was too big.  This pattern is also created for a centrally located ring system–and as mine is offset, i had to make some adjustments there.

Other than these little adjustments, its a great pattern.  I now need to make another one for the OTHER binder we have–this is just the non-grocery coupons.  We’re not “Extreme” like some, but we do enjoy the free fruits of our labors.

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2 Responses to Coupon Binder

  1. Mom says:

    What a great way to use old denim jeans!! I like the flaps that lock everything in. I could probably use it for my “family history stuff” (has lots of little papers). The handles look long enough that the binder could be carried over the shoulder. Great job!!

    • Dawn says:

      yeah, its a great system! I loved the idea of the flaps, which is why i got the pattern. When i printed it, i accidentally printed 2–so i’ll bring one down to you. And yes–the shoulder straps are long enough–but of course you could adjust them to whatever length you wanted.

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