After finishing the Teacher gift bags i was able to take a moment and work on some of my monthly quilting.  I had a block from Quilty and a mini quilt from the Celtic BOM to finish.

Here’s the quilty block for June.  THis one came to gether a little better.  AS much as i pride myself for having an eye for color–i really struggle with VALUE.  Not what the fabric is worth, but their color value in comparison with other fabrics.  I have a tendency to pick materials of similar value, which creates a flat block, or a clashy block.  I felt a little more successful with this one as the two warm colors are FINALLY different values,  But of course, this was also a 16-block square, so some of my points are…er…well, it’s a charming square, isn’t it?  *ahem*

Here is the Celtic BOM for June, or Midsummer. At midsummer (summer solstice) the sunlight begins to wane, and will continue to do so until Yule.  After the solstice, it is the female energy (the moon/night) that waxes.  But on the solstice, the two energies are equal.  Marianna at simply 2m used the Star of David with intertwining triangles to symbolize that union and equality.

As always, my binding leaves much to be desired.  I can never get that join to match up nicely.  I was using my new machine for the quilting, so i haven’t figured out the “timing” for freemotion on that machine yet. My stiches are ok, but I may go back to my old machine for quilting and just use this one for piecing.

Luckily, i was given a lovely bamboo plant by a good friend, that covers that binding join beautifully.  If anything, this Celtic series is gonna make me a better binder (since i have 6 more to make before the year is out!)

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2 Responses to Quilting

  1. Practice makes perfect! Or nearly so. At least you’re faring better with the quilting than I am with the gf cake. 😀

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