My Foray into wallet making.

So, my wallet was dying.  It was a cute Isaac Mizrahi number from target with lots of card slots and no nonsense.  It had suited my purpose for many a year.  But it was time.

Now, crafty gal that i am, i decided to make my own!  i’d seen plenty of lovely examples on craftster, and i thought, hell, *I* could do that.

SO i started with a pattern i did have from THat

Darn Kat.  A cute quilted number.








THen i got ambitious:








Then i went back to basics and was bored to tears








Then i went shopping and investigated the wallets available, and found a design i liked.  I took my time, problem solved a few of the things i wanted to change and came up with this.


the OTHER side!

this is the Other side--the card side. holds 12 cards and two large pockets. You know, for your reward cards. and condoms.

the "cash" side including a zipper pocket. holds 9 cards

the card side

the cash side

since i don't have an industrial machine AND sewing this down would have ruiened a pocket on the other side, i ended up with a secret pocket. I plan to use it for evil. Or coupons. whatevs.

I’ve decided to stop here.  It still isn’t perfect for me–but its at 90%, which should serve me until i yearn to get into this again…

[BTW–yes, this is available for custom order.  You can order this massive boy, or one of the two sides by itself. ]

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1 Response to My Foray into wallet making.

  1. Gee, I thought I commented on this one. ME LIKEY! Love the combo of fabrics you used on the ambitious one and the massive boy. 😀

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