BOM catch up

I’ve finished the blocks for May and one for June already.

This one is for Betty’s Blue Birds and would have been more dramatic if i had used two different purples–but keeping with the previous theme, i decided to use just the purple.  Still dramatic against the white, though.



This one is for the Quilty BOM–and frankly, with my color choices is on the road to be the ugliest quilt ever.  But i will finish it out using my “warm” scraps and maybe i’ll be able to find a sash color that will tie it all together.  That’s the problem with a scrap quilt…they don’t always work.  But i bet it will be warm when needed.

This one is for the Purely Nine quilt–another simple but BIG block. Nothing much to say about this one, really, other than it’s super simple to put these blocks together.

I’ve been working on a project lately in which i have now created 4 prototypes of a wallet.  I’ll be posting about that one soon–as soon as i get one that actually WORKS for me.  It’s a good thing i’ve got so much stash/scraps to make this work!

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